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The MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Blogs are a unique opportunity for readers and authors alike. We are opening blogs specific to classes of writing and bringing authors and readers together. Authors are offered support, author pages, and possibly group blog sites for free so they may share blogging post that are free to readers. We understand that readers and authors depend on each other and becoming a little closer is a great way to make things easier on all of us. Please come join this open community as there is a place for everyone.

Authors, come take advantage of the group’s support as there is strength in numbers. If you are too busy to host a blog, submit an author page on the site that fits your work. The group will be promoting daily on all the social networks and as we grow we can attempt even more advanced marketing to enhance your business. Those authors who wish can post guest blog articles to enable the readers to know you a little better and enjoy your writing. Regardless what level of participation you choose you will find support and promotion of your work and yourselves.

Readers, please come review our extensive selection of blogs and authors. The blogging platform gives you the ability to comment, share your own work and get to know authors that you enjoy. You will find authors that answer your questions and a blogging community open to publishing appropriate stories that you wish to share. We hope you do enjoy the sites and tell your friends about our authors and the blogs.

See, there is a place for all, come stop by.


Some of our friends

Cap'n Joe profile

“If you’re reading this and would like FREE massive exposure to my 200,000+ twitter followers simply “REVIEW! my “BOOK, ” and, then e-mail me at: with the promotional tweet you’d like me to send out, and, promote for you.” Note: please include your twitter @Name so you can track the tweet via your twitter account’s notification button, and, a Link to your web-site, or where your book can be purchased. As an added bonus our team of promoters will also retweet your promotional tweet to well over half a million followers, too!

You can review my book: “Nourished By That Which Consumes” HERE:

If you’d like a blog like this one setting up simply e-mail Coleman Weeks:

Scrazzle | Micro Blogging in Beta BUT you can Join US.

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