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What I Love

I love us in our quiet moments, the careful sounds of breath filling the air.

I love twining my fingers with yours as we lay talking, it seems, for hours.

I love the look in your eyes, not quite brown but not quite green, as you look at me, as you kiss me, as you want me.

I love your total focus as you worship my body with yours.

I love hovering over that deep abyss, then crashing into it.

I love our connection – from the start it was like this – similar dreams, but different backgrounds, both needing so much to be loved – and we’ve found that.


I love the way you love with your whole body, with your whole soul.

I love the flutter I get in my chest when I first see you.

I love the way you pull me close just to reacquaint yourself with me; I feel so at peace.

I love the way you can make me laugh, even when I’m feeling sad, discouraged or angry.

I love your brilliance, the plethora of ideas that flow out of you.

I love your insecurities too.

I love you even when you tease.

I love your nonjudgmental eyes, your wonderful smile.

I love your strength and your quick wit.

But, most of all, I love your heart, for that is where I feel safe. That I can always trust.

Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.


I remember…
Fields of lavender, as far as the eye could see,
Raindrops glistening on cheeks,
The ripe smell of it in the air.
Puddles of mud over laces,
A child in a raincoat and rubber boots.

I remember…
Pasting stars on a poster board covered with glitter,
Sharpening pencils,
The dust of lead soiling hands.
Riding a bike with a banana seat,
The wind whizzing past my ears,
The neighbors’ houses flying by too,
The windows wide mouths open with laughter.
Playing hopscotch in the street,
Fresh dew on grass shining like emeralds.
Running on a beach,
Tripping over sand castles,
The water catching the sun, almost blinding.
Shopping in the town square, mistletoe everywhere,
One might think it was Christmas all the time.

I remember…
Being grown,
Moonlit walks on the beach,
Amazement at the dark, watery abyss calling to me.
And the moment your hand touched mine –
On campus we talked like rampant parrots and walked for miles and miles,
Now, I see your face in my thoughts,
Your wonderful countenance before me at times.

Thinking back to that girl, I remember…
But, she wouldn’t remember you. We hadn’t met.
That dreamer is me, yearning, wanting –
Yet I have you now.

Take my hand and we’ll…
Watch the bursts of light on the Fourth,
Make out like we used to,
Silly with hormones.
Knowing your love completes me.

Let’s make a new…

Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.