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What is between us is beyond words,

But I try in my own little way to capture it.

Through terms, through phrases, even through the flowery symmetry of linguistics…

But, I fall from the mark.

I try to mimic feelings on paper like the bats in the trees mimic people down below.

I try to enthrall myself, enthrall readers with stories, with characters and even though I think I do…

This I know.

It will never quite capture what I feel for you.

When I say it’s beyond words, I meant that.

The touch of your fingertips against my skin, I drown in the endless hazel pool of your eyes.

The way we kiss, the heights of pleasure.

It’s beyond the physical.

We connect, we relate on a level I can’t describe.

Sometimes you guess my thoughts and sometimes I finish your sentences.

We can talk for hours and never grow bored.

There are similarities and differences in our personalities, and yet, at the core, where it counts…

Our souls reach out and hold close.

I need nothing more than your nearness, your humor, your endless patience.

There is no other man in the world I want more.

It is cheesy, so utterly cheesy to say you complete me.

And yet…

Those words aren’t far from the truth.

There is some deep connection, something unique and even mysterious at times.

It has connected us from the start.


I look back on that moment,

not the moment we first spoke,

But just before, the one where we both felt it was a blind date.

For how often does that kind of arrangement work?

But, there I was, in a blue coat, anxiously waiting to meet this man in person,

This man who had somehow impressed me and excited me with simple words,

and yet I’d never seen him before.

I was wary and so were you.  But, you finally showed up.

Those eyes.

I somehow knew those eyes were important.

 It was like I knew you before, but I didn’t want to overanalyze it.

And what did we do?  We started talking and never stopped.

I’ve never felt so free to be myself as I do with you.

So, I’m grateful for that day,

that moment you walked up to me.

I am grateful for every day with you.

I am grateful for your love.

And I don’t have the words to express just what you mean to me.

It’s funny.  I’m the writer and I can’t explain it.

So, I will try to say it like this…

The universe is vast, limitless.

Similarly, our love is timeless.

You are my soul mate.

No matter what separates us, I would find you.

No matter the obstacle, I would cast it aside.

You are my future.

Only you.

There are no words to express how deeply I feel,

how much in love I am with you.

Just know my heart is yours.



Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.

Erotic Love

In your arms, I feel free.

You touch my skin and I am awash with feeling, my body tingling.

You pull me close and I feel such peace.

You trace the edge of my breast, fascinated.

My breath catches.

I find the interesting notch on each hipbone.  What is that called?  A love handle?  I travel my lips over each one and your body jerks.

We kiss deep and slow, and somehow I’m not thinking anymore.  It’s just about you.

The erotic wonder when you let down your guard, when I can make you wild and you lose your careful control.


 It is not just about sex.  What we are and what we have has always been deeper.

Intimacy is erotic.

Our bodies free of clothing, you hold me close and we talk freely.

I love the careful weight of your arm around me.  Draped over you, I have access to your body.

We can lie quietly – the pleasant sensation of being near is enough – or we can talk low of everything and nothing.

I love your mouth on mine.  I sink deep into your kisses, our breaths mingling, until time seems to stop.

I love your mouth on my body, tantalizing, until the pleasure is overwhelming.

You are an addiction, a drug to my senses.

I could drown in your nearness forever, gaze into your eyes for eternity.

You are everything to me.  What we have is beyond words and beyond time.


Hold me close.  This is all I need, my head placed just so on your shoulder, your hand on my hip.

I lift my mouth to yours.

Let the outside world drift away for awhile.

You are mine, and I am yours.

That’s all that matters.

Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.

“I Love You”

Sometimes when we are alone, you show me how you feel.  Not with words, but with your body.  Touch is required then.

But, you always show me, even in a crowd.  You hold my hand or wrap an arm around my waist.

I need to be that close too.  The demands of life create a distance.

When the world has quieted down, when our minds have rested, you kiss me slowly.  There is that special kiss, the one we labeled “ours”.

I remember the first night you kissed me, the both of us so uncertain of what the other was thinking.  I dared you, and you took the chance.  You held me close right outside my door, placed your mouth on mine.  Sometimes I think history was made then.  My life changed.  Certainly my idea of a kiss did.  No one had ever taken the time to kiss me like that, like the world had stopped and it was just us.  I think I started to fall for you then.

How can you describe what falling in love feels like?  It’s almost like you blink and you can’t remember not feeling that way.  It’s silly because everyone knew except me.  How I felt.  I was so afraid of being hurt again.  Good thing we were on the same page.  You told me first how you felt.  But, I’d heard “I love you” before, from men who never meant it, who didn’t have a clue what the true meaning of love was.  It took awhile for me to realize you did mean it, that I could trust you.

 Oh, foolish heart.  How could you not fall for such a man?

You are my hero in every way.  Even when we bicker about silly things, you always bring me back.


So, what should “I love you” mean?

It should mean a man is there for you, to hear your worries, to care.

It should mean that there is a shoulder to lean your head on as you lay quietly.

It should mean a touch that can rouse you to passion in an instant, but not push when you’re not in the mood.

It should mean whispered words in the night and shared secrets.

It should mean the most soothing hand you’ve ever felt and a voice that can make you laugh.

It means that real love never takes, but gives.

I hope I am all of these things for you too.  You are my life.  I love you.

Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.

A Passionate Embrace

My breath catches as your lips whisper over my neck.  
My eyelashes close automatically.
The slip of clothes falling off only heightens anticipation.
You draw me close, put your mouth against mine.
Tongues dance, hands grasp, breaths become labored.
Oh, the bare scrape of your skin on mine.
The wonder we find in each other.
Pull me closer; it’s never close enough.
Your lips drift over my body, full of worship.
Will I ever get used to this much pleasure?
My hands clench into the sheets,
The inferno comes.
Take me,
Your body roaring over mine.
I gaze up into your lovely eyes.
Kiss me, move against me.
My eyes go blind…I see nothing but you and these feelings.
Make me yours.  
Once, twice, over again until our breaths level off,
Until we kiss slow and hands claim gently.
This is bliss.
I love you.
Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.

What I Love

I love us in our quiet moments, the careful sounds of breath filling the air.

I love twining my fingers with yours as we lay talking, it seems, for hours.

I love the look in your eyes, not quite brown but not quite green, as you look at me, as you kiss me, as you want me.

I love your total focus as you worship my body with yours.

I love hovering over that deep abyss, then crashing into it.

I love our connection – from the start it was like this – similar dreams, but different backgrounds, both needing so much to be loved – and we’ve found that.


I love the way you love with your whole body, with your whole soul.

I love the flutter I get in my chest when I first see you.

I love the way you pull me close just to reacquaint yourself with me; I feel so at peace.

I love the way you can make me laugh, even when I’m feeling sad, discouraged or angry.

I love your brilliance, the plethora of ideas that flow out of you.

I love your insecurities too.

I love you even when you tease.

I love your nonjudgmental eyes, your wonderful smile.

I love your strength and your quick wit.

But, most of all, I love your heart, for that is where I feel safe. That I can always trust.

Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.


I remember…
Fields of lavender, as far as the eye could see,
Raindrops glistening on cheeks,
The ripe smell of it in the air.
Puddles of mud over laces,
A child in a raincoat and rubber boots.

I remember…
Pasting stars on a poster board covered with glitter,
Sharpening pencils,
The dust of lead soiling hands.
Riding a bike with a banana seat,
The wind whizzing past my ears,
The neighbors’ houses flying by too,
The windows wide mouths open with laughter.
Playing hopscotch in the street,
Fresh dew on grass shining like emeralds.
Running on a beach,
Tripping over sand castles,
The water catching the sun, almost blinding.
Shopping in the town square, mistletoe everywhere,
One might think it was Christmas all the time.

I remember…
Being grown,
Moonlit walks on the beach,
Amazement at the dark, watery abyss calling to me.
And the moment your hand touched mine –
On campus we talked like rampant parrots and walked for miles and miles,
Now, I see your face in my thoughts,
Your wonderful countenance before me at times.

Thinking back to that girl, I remember…
But, she wouldn’t remember you. We hadn’t met.
That dreamer is me, yearning, wanting –
Yet I have you now.

Take my hand and we’ll…
Watch the bursts of light on the Fourth,
Make out like we used to,
Silly with hormones.
Knowing your love completes me.

Let’s make a new…

Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.

Miss Hoodie Gangster

Miss hoodie gangsterMiss Hoodie Gangster © 2014 Helen Ingram


Miss Hoodie Gangster,

Struts around town with a grimace on her face,

Braided deadlocks sweeping down one side,

Carrying her boombox on her shoulder letting out some basse,

Her attitude raises eyebrows as she takes another glide.

Miss Hoodie Gangster,

People look upon her like she’s a messy disgrace,

Her look’s criticized as she always has obeyed,

Her time spent perfecting her lyrical saving grace,

People’s perception misapplied.

Miss Hoodie Gangster,

Decides on her moral code and applies,

Never judges or see’s divide,

The wondering chaos around her put aside,

She holds her head up high with pride.

Miss Hoodie Gangster,

She beats to her own mystery thrill ride,

Despite feeling restricted tied to a chair as she is bullied,

Working hard taking opportunities in her stride,

Nature’s cruel ways can knock her against this huge tall tide.

Miss Hoodie Gangster,

No matter what you say, her spirit never died,

Cold alone her heart beating a silent hidden sadness,

She laid in pain on that very night and cried,

Her state of mind, can’t take anymore she flips and goes into madness.

Miss Hoodie Gangster,

Now you will only see her badness,

Her echoing good surrendered and,

Traveled  into her misty foggy memory.

Round Two


This poem is part of my upcoming poetry book ‘My World’

Text copyright © 2014 Helen Ingram

‘Round Two’ By Helen Ingram


Torn shattered twisted vines,
Tortured ruptured from hands of times,
Innocent heavenly pure,
Fades to a darken dirty black,
Virgin, broken my Gods word,
Broken into, a million pieces.


Pureness put on a lease,
Crash battered like the falling walls of a mine,
Heart stabbed by evil knights sword,
Skin feels like a disgusting dirty grime,
Dignity shredded like a killing yak,
Hoping one day I’ll find a cure.


Nude ripped to be my inner core,
Wishing this pain will cease,
Sniff; take another dose of crack,
It is a lie or am I just going blind,
Echo cries unheard just surrender to a shrine,
My body crashes with a thud.


If people only knew what occurred,
Thy rather be dead and poor,
Opinions confine to combine to once again align,
The darken stripped increases,
As thy tries to make sense of my war written lines,
Gasp, can’t breathe having a panic attack.


Another round of scrap and smack,
People think what you say is absurd,
Kind innocent star lingers no more shine,
Leaves soul weary and insure,
Love code is ignored like political policies,
Feeling rubbish and undermined.


Should have seen the signs,
Tie myself in torn aged shackles,
Need to find a sanctuary, scream for release,
Everything repeats as it keeps recurring,
Mind fragmented everything is obscure,
Is this what my life was assigned?


Aligns for another undeserved wrack,
Whines as people try to reword,
Sure one day it will decrease.

‘Time’ A Poem By Helen Ingram

Time slips slowly by,

Trying to fit in random actions,

As thy sits and tries,

To predict my future times,

Creating many evolving sections,

Note taking people’s views,

Thy hopes my message,

Is clear and precise,

Abstraction is not my nature’s vice,

As thy work travels streams,

Across countless passages,

My written works viewership,

Becomes multiplied,

My poetic expression,

Takes endless time,

Constant attention,

To prevent my work slipping,

And becoming a recession.

‘Global’ A Poem By Helen Ingram


‘Global’ By Helen Ingram

Eviction of global nature,
Rotten to it’s core,
Floating, sweeping hands gliding through the grass,
Whilst running free smelling of nature’s national pride,
Shine it use to until humans became to overloaded with tonics,
That they needed somewhere to dispose,
This the land that becomes a wasteful depth of sorrow,
Where do animals go to find shelter from the cold?
Climate changing as the chemical balance comes under strike,
The attack of car emissions causes a fight,
Nature under an extreme struggle,
No oxygen to breathe not even enough to make a puddle,
Looking at nature’s friendly foes,
Scared as they tip toe along the ground that has bestowed,
Their graceful land,
Beauty nature naturals growth,
Weeps with rain as it fails to soak under this dreadful plea,
With the vast deep blue sea and clogged heavens above,
This natural killing virus has gone viral.