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“My World” – poem

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My World

I love when we are close.

Touch is so necessary at times,

The world’s needs pressing in on us until it seems there’s no escape.


 I need your arms,

The feel of your skin on mine to ground me.


I need your lips,

The way you brush them over my forehead,


The way you love so completely,

not just with your body but with your soul as well.


The comfort of having you near is more than I can ever explain.

I’m not sure when I knew you were mine.

Sometimes I think it was that careful dance around each other that we had at first.

When I dared you to kiss me,

You did and I’ll never forget it.


I feel it every time our lips meet,

The way I can get so lost in you.

It seems I’ve always known you were my future.

Life has…

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Push an’ Shove

‘Push an’ Shove’ is a poem that will feature in my upcoming book ‘My World’



Push an’ shove such a funny fn’ aint it,

It can drive yew up da wall,

Can get on yaaahr nerves,

Make yew go loopy aaaht ov yaaahr wits,

Let i’ still makes yaaahr Mars and Venus stand tall.


Push an’ shove yew liked i’ wiv a bi’ ov meat,

As yew drive in fer anuvver dance on da dance ‘all,

Yaahr ‘ands love ‘em curves,

As yew shake or yaahr kit,

Le’ in ‘ i’ all aaaht an sprawl.


Push an’ shove  its yew like a player’s goal ‘it,

Yaaahr ‘eart ‘as met its wishin’ call,

You wish yew can ‘ang on ter dis love an’ preserve,

Never wantin’ ter let go ov its grip,

You moan but yew know yew got i’ all.


A poem that will feature in my upcoming poetry book ‘My World’

Text copyright © Helen Ingram 2014


Allure me to your eternal flame,

My roar no longer can tame,

Strip me down right down to the bone,

Kiss my soft trembling lips,

As thee raises thy above thees throne,

Thy heart starts to skip.



You know the motions feel the same,

Ride me as fast as the underground train,

As I bite my lip as you make thy groan,

Tie me to your shrine and get out the whip,

As thee gently strokes my hipbone,

We sail like the motion of seawater under a ship.



Nobody can put words or name,

Our unquestionable dirty shame,

Our hearts no longer feel alone,

As he teases me so and goes in for another slip,

As we reach our climax groan,

Moist, as thee puts my ticker on a trip.



My lover always well equipped,

As you write our own seductive fairytale script.

Your Kisses

I love your kisses.

I could write sonnets about your mouth,

the bow of your lips,

the power of those lips on mine, on my body.

I could write on and on because you have so many different kisses.


You have a hello kiss,

the one you greet me with.

You have a goodbye kiss;

it’s not a real goodbye kiss,

just a “hey, I’ll see you in a few days but I really don’t want to go” kiss.


You have a loving kiss;

I can feel your tenderness,

your affection for me in spades.

I close my eyes as your lips press to my brow or my cheek.

couple kissing

You have a gentleman kiss (I’ve always thought you were one).

With that kiss, I feel like the lady you’ve always said I was.

You kiss my hand or make a gesture that cements what I know about you,

a man of honor to the core.


You have a patient kiss too,

the kind where we feel unhurried.

I could drown in that kiss forever.

It is undemanding, yet still passionate somehow.


Then there is your sexy kiss,

the one that makes me breathless and hungry,

the one that amazes me as my body floods with feelings.

I can never get tired of it and yet it is novel each time,

as if a new facet of our love is added to the passion there.

Your sexy kiss drives me wild;

it makes me feel liberated too.


I can’t name all the kisses in one sitting;

there are too many,

so many to count.

So, I’ll say you bless me with a different kind of kiss every day.

Oh, love,

I love you so very much.

And I love all of your kisses too.


Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.

All I Need

It was on a night like tonight that I lay,

wondering what it was I felt,

a kind of destiny taking form.

But, those lines were cast from the beginning, weren’t they?

They stretched back centuries, way before we met,

in people we were before.

We have always been connected.

Our love is cosmic,



That night, as I lay thinking about you,

a hearty ache inside of me, picturing you close to me,

I became more,

a being in love.

They say love makes you a fool.

Then I welcome foolishness,

for it’s only my comfort with you that makes me dream bigger,

reach higher.

Nothing can break us.

No one can stop this force, this connection between us.

Miles away even, I think of you always.

I feel you beside me,

holding me close,

our hearts beating perfectly.

Though I miss you, I know all I have to do is think of you to know you’re no so far away.

You’re my home.  I’ll always come back to you.


In mere days, I will see you again.

We will reunite,

my world will right itself.

Until then, I hold you close in my thoughts, as close as I can get,

just like you’d hold me.

I know one day soon,

times will get better,

a time when we can finally breathe as one.

I have a ring to prove your promise to me.

I have the look in your eyes when you say how much I mean to you.

I’ve always trusted you to keep my heart safe.

I have these feelings inside,

this love that is beyond words, and it’s enough.

And I’ll wait.

I’ll wait for that day when the world stops fighting us.

We’re strong.

We’ve won every battle since the beginning.

You’re mine, and I am yours.

That’s really all that matters in this quiet night.

That’s really all I need.


Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.


You’re so close now it feels like you’re a part of me.

Our breaths mingle,

Your fingertips flutter over my skin and my body tingles.

I can feel the reverence in your words and your touch.

I’ve never felt this way with anyone.

Time ceases as we lay here, skin to skin, breath to breath…


And I feel so fortunate to have found you so long ago.

Or maybe you found me.

In truth, you saved me.

Maybe I could have stood the loneliness, but could my soul have taken the rest?

You made me believe in true love again.  You prove it to me every day.

You made me want to trust instead of live with my hurt, my doubts, my cynicism.

You woke this girl up to love, not to an ideal, but to real love…

The kind of love that sees weakness as human, even as strength.

The kind of love that accepts weirdness.

The kind of love that takes secrets, hopes and dreams, and keeps them safe.

The kind that stands the test of so many trials in life.

The unconditional kind.

Your hazel eyes steady me.

Your humor keeps me from taking myself too seriously.

I don’t know where I’d be if I couldn’t look at your face here next to me or even across the room,

If I couldn’t look forward to the moment I walk down that aisle towards you.


I think I’d be lost if I didn’t have you.

I might survive.

My heart would still beat.

But, it’s my soul you saved by appearing in my life.

It’s the love I feel unfailingly that you’ve inspired.

You are my life, my purpose, my heart.

Fate brought us together,

But it’s you I should thank.

My lover,

My savior.


Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.


What is between us is beyond words,

But I try in my own little way to capture it.

Through terms, through phrases, even through the flowery symmetry of linguistics…

But, I fall from the mark.

I try to mimic feelings on paper like the bats in the trees mimic people down below.

I try to enthrall myself, enthrall readers with stories, with characters and even though I think I do…

This I know.

It will never quite capture what I feel for you.

When I say it’s beyond words, I meant that.

The touch of your fingertips against my skin, I drown in the endless hazel pool of your eyes.

The way we kiss, the heights of pleasure.

It’s beyond the physical.

We connect, we relate on a level I can’t describe.

Sometimes you guess my thoughts and sometimes I finish your sentences.

We can talk for hours and never grow bored.

There are similarities and differences in our personalities, and yet, at the core, where it counts…

Our souls reach out and hold close.

I need nothing more than your nearness, your humor, your endless patience.

There is no other man in the world I want more.

It is cheesy, so utterly cheesy to say you complete me.

And yet…

Those words aren’t far from the truth.

There is some deep connection, something unique and even mysterious at times.

It has connected us from the start.


I look back on that moment,

not the moment we first spoke,

But just before, the one where we both felt it was a blind date.

For how often does that kind of arrangement work?

But, there I was, in a blue coat, anxiously waiting to meet this man in person,

This man who had somehow impressed me and excited me with simple words,

and yet I’d never seen him before.

I was wary and so were you.  But, you finally showed up.

Those eyes.

I somehow knew those eyes were important.

 It was like I knew you before, but I didn’t want to overanalyze it.

And what did we do?  We started talking and never stopped.

I’ve never felt so free to be myself as I do with you.

So, I’m grateful for that day,

that moment you walked up to me.

I am grateful for every day with you.

I am grateful for your love.

And I don’t have the words to express just what you mean to me.

It’s funny.  I’m the writer and I can’t explain it.

So, I will try to say it like this…

The universe is vast, limitless.

Similarly, our love is timeless.

You are my soul mate.

No matter what separates us, I would find you.

No matter the obstacle, I would cast it aside.

You are my future.

Only you.

There are no words to express how deeply I feel,

how much in love I am with you.

Just know my heart is yours.



Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.

Erotic Love

In your arms, I feel free.

You touch my skin and I am awash with feeling, my body tingling.

You pull me close and I feel such peace.

You trace the edge of my breast, fascinated.

My breath catches.

I find the interesting notch on each hipbone.  What is that called?  A love handle?  I travel my lips over each one and your body jerks.

We kiss deep and slow, and somehow I’m not thinking anymore.  It’s just about you.

The erotic wonder when you let down your guard, when I can make you wild and you lose your careful control.


 It is not just about sex.  What we are and what we have has always been deeper.

Intimacy is erotic.

Our bodies free of clothing, you hold me close and we talk freely.

I love the careful weight of your arm around me.  Draped over you, I have access to your body.

We can lie quietly – the pleasant sensation of being near is enough – or we can talk low of everything and nothing.

I love your mouth on mine.  I sink deep into your kisses, our breaths mingling, until time seems to stop.

I love your mouth on my body, tantalizing, until the pleasure is overwhelming.

You are an addiction, a drug to my senses.

I could drown in your nearness forever, gaze into your eyes for eternity.

You are everything to me.  What we have is beyond words and beyond time.


Hold me close.  This is all I need, my head placed just so on your shoulder, your hand on my hip.

I lift my mouth to yours.

Let the outside world drift away for awhile.

You are mine, and I am yours.

That’s all that matters.

Poetry – Copyright 2014 Marie Lavender, soon to be published in Miss Lavender’s Anthology of Ramblings.