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A person or persons,

Should never forget their place….


Yes they do,

Children speak as if they are right,

Parents no longer able to keep discipline tight,

Always getting into a fight,

Being let out every night,

Even after last light.


Yes they do,

People not all are bad,

But some are preaching just a tad,

Acting like they own the streets like last nights drunken lad,

Thinking our system is a fad,

Trying to change the code of our lands,

Our morals pure and fair, isn’t it about time we make a stand.


Yes they do,

Our prided joy,

Of every round,

Around every inch of our counties towns,

Now empty filled with frowns,

Use to shine with passion and love like a crown,

The heart of a community funny joking clowns.


Yes they do,

As we  wouldn’t we feel so much oppression,

As the riches cleanse the cities of the working class for their latest possession,

Rights have become the latest obsession,

That helped sink us into this recession,

Ain’t it about time government gave a confession.