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This poem will feature in my upcoming poetry book ‘My World’

The one laying there in a rocked out state,
Do not you know listening to that crap will only lead to your own hell,
As least I do not lead by a misguided judgmental fate,
Booze and drugs your only loyal addiction,
At least my mind can forget and tame,
You are embarrassing old age shame.

Just skate to this fucked up wait,
Use a bewitching spell upon this nation,
People throw their best disses but still fail to integrate,
Rocking out to our fucked up creation,
Don’t you know your patronizing attitude is lame,
Making out the odd ones are to blame.

In your high heels,
Strutting around like a deluded easy slut,
Looking for your next abusing whore thrill,
Adding to your abortion rate, as the surgeon goes in for another cut,
Don’t you know sexy underwear only makes you ending up being killed,
No morals or standards to say, that you are skilled.

Making us feel demoralized as you lecture us over our sins,
Yet how you treat others says you are a liar,
Acting like the high almighty are the only ones that win,
Bestow upon us like a fire vampire,
At least I take me as me,
Not what people think I ought to be.

The fucker who is corrupting this world with your imagery and written hand,
Its due to you I don’t hold me head high,
As you walk and raise your hand like you own the land,
You just leave me thinking…only to sigh,
Your fake intellectual frown a disguise,
As your personal opinions no longer accepted and wise.

The forgotten quiet one,
Not being the performer,
Hiding shamefully alone,
In the corner,
You are probably the only one,
Who is innocent to not let the world make their beauty gone.

The ones that make this world so cruel,
Mean and filled with hatred,
Constantly needing fuel,
For its stereotypical nature to spill,
Making people want to surrender at their own will,
Categorizing making your perfect model,
Another lays dead and still.

Round Two


This poem is part of my upcoming poetry book ‘My World’

Text copyright © 2014 Helen Ingram

‘Round Two’ By Helen Ingram


Torn shattered twisted vines,
Tortured ruptured from hands of times,
Innocent heavenly pure,
Fades to a darken dirty black,
Virgin, broken my Gods word,
Broken into, a million pieces.


Pureness put on a lease,
Crash battered like the falling walls of a mine,
Heart stabbed by evil knights sword,
Skin feels like a disgusting dirty grime,
Dignity shredded like a killing yak,
Hoping one day I’ll find a cure.


Nude ripped to be my inner core,
Wishing this pain will cease,
Sniff; take another dose of crack,
It is a lie or am I just going blind,
Echo cries unheard just surrender to a shrine,
My body crashes with a thud.


If people only knew what occurred,
Thy rather be dead and poor,
Opinions confine to combine to once again align,
The darken stripped increases,
As thy tries to make sense of my war written lines,
Gasp, can’t breathe having a panic attack.


Another round of scrap and smack,
People think what you say is absurd,
Kind innocent star lingers no more shine,
Leaves soul weary and insure,
Love code is ignored like political policies,
Feeling rubbish and undermined.


Should have seen the signs,
Tie myself in torn aged shackles,
Need to find a sanctuary, scream for release,
Everything repeats as it keeps recurring,
Mind fragmented everything is obscure,
Is this what my life was assigned?


Aligns for another undeserved wrack,
Whines as people try to reword,
Sure one day it will decrease.

‘Global’ A Poem By Helen Ingram


‘Global’ By Helen Ingram

Eviction of global nature,
Rotten to it’s core,
Floating, sweeping hands gliding through the grass,
Whilst running free smelling of nature’s national pride,
Shine it use to until humans became to overloaded with tonics,
That they needed somewhere to dispose,
This the land that becomes a wasteful depth of sorrow,
Where do animals go to find shelter from the cold?
Climate changing as the chemical balance comes under strike,
The attack of car emissions causes a fight,
Nature under an extreme struggle,
No oxygen to breathe not even enough to make a puddle,
Looking at nature’s friendly foes,
Scared as they tip toe along the ground that has bestowed,
Their graceful land,
Beauty nature naturals growth,
Weeps with rain as it fails to soak under this dreadful plea,
With the vast deep blue sea and clogged heavens above,
This natural killing virus has gone viral.