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Push an’ Shove

‘Push an’ Shove’ is a poem that will feature in my upcoming book ‘My World’



Push an’ shove such a funny fn’ aint it,

It can drive yew up da wall,

Can get on yaaahr nerves,

Make yew go loopy aaaht ov yaaahr wits,

Let i’ still makes yaaahr Mars and Venus stand tall.


Push an’ shove yew liked i’ wiv a bi’ ov meat,

As yew drive in fer anuvver dance on da dance ‘all,

Yaahr ‘ands love ‘em curves,

As yew shake or yaahr kit,

Le’ in ‘ i’ all aaaht an sprawl.


Push an’ shove  its yew like a player’s goal ‘it,

Yaaahr ‘eart ‘as met its wishin’ call,

You wish yew can ‘ang on ter dis love an’ preserve,

Never wantin’ ter let go ov its grip,

You moan but yew know yew got i’ all.


This is poem that will feature in ‘My World’

Text copyright © Helen Ingram 2014

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Distan’ vacan’ memories,

Fallen in’er da elite masses,

As old tradishuns fade an’ die,

Like i’ was any surprise.

Feelin’ like a victim,

In yaaahr own clothed disguise,

Unable ter seek,

What yaaahr parents worked for.

You can only ‘ope,

And wonder deese streets,

In seach ov aaahr political freedom,

Our moufs restricted,

Pride, communi’y ties,

Distan’ forgotten,

As technology now supplies.

As yew walk,

You feel like bangers and mash,

Shop front, porno mag, awer geek,

Whatever yaaahr look.

Bein’ cockney just means,

You are da one,

Who contributed,

To da glory fame.