Fred Webster- Author, Poet and Playwright

Born Sheffield, England Poet – Writer – Caricaturist – Humorist Winner of the Ilkley Poetry Festival 1992 Inveterate student of literary construction Philanthropist – Benefactor and friend to the needy and small animals.

The Entertainer- A recipe for living in Los Montoros



You may experience JOY

When your daughter tells you it’s a boy

Or feel ECSTATIC when you hear

You’re inheriting your uncle’s farm this year.

Or maybe you’ll REJOICE when told

Of your promotion. No, you’re not too old!

You may feel SAD inside

When you find your dog has died.

Or BAD to hear of that investment going wrong

And DISAPPOINTED when no one plays your favorite song

You see, emotion shapes our being

But nothing I can think of beats that feeling,

Than when your three year old grandson’s sticky hand

Slips into yours when you’re in the supermarket – Grand!

Now – that’s HAPPINESS!
Image …and what on Earth is this?…and what on Earth is this?

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