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Sunshine 10


Electrifying energy,
mystic melodies divine,
filled with a mixture
of darkness and light —
from ethereal moments
transcending the mind
to the recesses
and dark corners
where sun never shines
and where birds never sing,
where it’s impossible to know
the twists and turns life brings.

But I’m curious about them
and fascinated by each one,
especially when finding myself
upon the edge of the dark
and drifting into that narrow space
between day and night
where a sense of adventure
overtakes my fears
while struggling to maintain
that balance I seek.

For upon that fine line
where day meets the night,
I dance as the darkness
descends upon the ebbing light,
embracing each one of them
just before the moon and stars
illuminate the darkness
and transcend it all
with a pervasive and subtle glow,
where forever will be imprinted
upon this heart of mine.

For if it…

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About kathyrollinson

I am a self-published author on Amazon. I have written and published six books, on Amazon and CreateSpace. The 'Fallyn Trilogy,' 'A Twist of Fairy Tales,' Maranda the Mermaid'.All fantasy, children's books. In complete contrast, I have written 'The Rode to Justice,' (John Rode, first-grade detective, murder stories). I hope to publish my faction book, in March/April 2016, mostly set in Africa, 'Where Lies My Heart.' I've won the Ian Govan Award, 2015, for this book.

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