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She walks through the empty morning

Jane Dougherty Writes

Painting by Van Gogh


In the cool of the morning,

I walk beneath the roses,

Light sifted pink and white,

Perfume dripping with the dew.

Birch tree drips with birdsong,

Falling in dapples about my feet.

I walk, and the mist parts,

Rising from the river into the blue air.

I walk, listening to the quiet rush

Of the tressed water,

Tangling and untangling,

On its way to the sea.

In the cool wind from the west, I walk,

Listen to the silence falling,

At my back the sun rises,

At my face the rising wind.

Wind from the sea in my face,

And instead of the honey of your lips,

I taste the salt,

Though I cannot tell,

Perhaps it is the taste of my tears.

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Interview with Margaret Rowland by K J Rollinson

I’ve reblogged this to Marsocial Poet’s post, in case anyone is interested. Margaret Rowland is a very talented poet.

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This week’s interview is with a very talented lady. She is friend at WordPlay Writers’ Forum, a group we belong to in Spain. Her short stories are delightful, but as she says herself, her first love is poetry. She has a beautiful speaking voice, and she recites her poetry at Open Mic sessions. She once dyed her hair bright pink to recite the following poem. Part of which I copy here. The rest can be seen in ‘Give Voice to Verse’ by Margaret Rowland, available on Amazon.

Crazy Lady

I want to be this crazy old lady
Who dyes her hair pink gives waiters the wink
And doesn’t have to think about consequences
I want to wear spotty tops and stripy bottoms
at the same time, and with odd socks?
I want to,dance all night long, shout at the moon
Stay in bed until noon if I want…………

1. Please…

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