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NaPoWriMo #26: Sources

Jane Dougherty Writes


I dig deep into the river mud,
Where roots weave their tapestry,
Dead leaves bind the earth we tread,
And shoots pierce and climb.
Where worm galleries
Thread the dark loam,
Pitter-pattered with mouse paws.
Tunnelled arteries lead to the core,
Pulsing with nesting fox hearts.
I dig with reverent hands,
Through the tangled, matted mesh of life,
Finding the source of all things.

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Guest Poet Spotlight: Honcho Mars

Guest poet Honcho Mars visits the I Love Romance Blog in honor of National Poetry Month to let us see some of his love poems!

I Love Romance Blog

Hi, readers! As part of our romance theme on ILRB, I decided to recognize a pretty special time for writers and readers alike. April is National Poetry Month, and it’s about time I bring in a guest poet here on the blog, don’t you think? I love poetry, almost as much as I love romance! It is music for my eyes, and a song in my heart. 🙂


To recognize this wonderful holiday, I have asked the talented and insightful poet Honcho Mars to stop by and give us a little taste of his poetry today. Hello, Honcho!


Honcho: Hello! It’s a pleasure to be here, Marie.

Marie:  The honor is mine, I assure you. Thank you for visiting us, and welcome to the I Love Romance Blog, where we get to talk about my favorite subject, love! So, take a moment and please give us some lovely poetry to…

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A Poem a Day for April 2015 with Laura and Goodreads

a poem a day

A Poem a Day for April 2015

I am attempting to write a poem a day for April 2015 – perhaps you would like to join me. Read and comment on my poems. Post your own poems here, but don’t cheat; try and write it on the given day (you are only cheating yourself if you don’t)