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The rainbow at the world’s end

Jane Dougherty Writes

Painting by Archip Iwanowitsch Kuindshi


Red the bloody cloud in the river,

Green the iris spears piercing the mud,

Yellow the celandine creeping so deftly

Over the orange of rusting blades.

Steel grey the rain on the trampled meadow,

Blue the smoke from the funeral pyres,

Purple the haze on the poisoned pools

Where carcasses caracole bloated and pale.

Silver by moonlight the silent lagoon,

Violet by day, a stagnant pool,

Still as the grave at the ocean’s edge,

A pewter cup full of indigo tears.

And pearl the mist that hazes the moon,

On this night of rejoicing beneath the dark stars,

The bright crystal shards rain to dead voices keening,

A myriad lives broken at the rainbow’s end.

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Woken by moonlight

Jane Dougherty Writes

Painting by Lionel Walden


Woken by moonlight,
Flooding the night,
Softening the hard planes of your cheek,
Touching the smooth curve of your shoulder,
With silver,
Falling soft on your sleeping face,
Stripping away the years,
Back to the core,
The same
As the first time
We lay together,
In the light of the moon.

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The last

Jane Dougherty Writes

Painting: watercolour by J.L. Bilder


We were not the first
But shall be the last,
And when all that came before,
That grew and flourished,
Bloomed and thrived,
When all that lived and loved
And nurtured its young,
Has gone into the blackened pit,
The lightless charnel house,
We will march triumphant through the ash,
Clad in all the garish colours
Of heaven and hell.

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