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Progress Update on My Book and a Few Secrets Spilled

Poetic Parfait

Writing and updating a book Writing a poetry book. Update time! Photo via Poetic Parfait.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic. Strike that. Read, write, scratch out the word, rewrite, scratch that out, write more, sleep, major lightbulb moment in the middle of the night that makes no sense in the morning, write…

If you are a writer, then that might seem like a familiar pattern. I am in the midst of crazyville, and it’s called publishing a book. Want to join me for a cup of coffee as we catch up?

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“Forever” – a poem

Check out a new love poem on my blog today just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I Love Romance Blog


This heart was once locked,


jaded by pain,

with merely a small yearning,

a tiny hope for something real.

I yearned for “forever”, it seemed…

and I found that in you.


This body was once protected from the advances of others,

secretly ready to open to the one with the right touch,

the one who knew just what to do.

It wanted an unequaled passion,

the forever kind…


This mind once turned away from the trauma of the past,

so many heartaches,

too many disappointments were enough.

It was closed off, not ready to open to a kind word from a man, however genuine.


Even a witty comeback was a temporary high,

hardly a thing to invest in.

And yet, it needed a connection,

a forever sort.


But, you exhibited all of these things and more,

you opened this heart, this body, this mind until I am only yours,

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