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Trifecta An Artist Collaborative of 3 Women Artists introducing Nacago


September, a Guest of Honor

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I lift my eyes upon the autumn gardens and the golden lands,

All wrapped in the morning fog, when sun is rising through the clouds of September mist.

The red and golden leaves flowing on the autumn breeze, fall upon my hands.

Twirling, drifting to the grounds, with a flatter and the crisp.

September came upon our Mother Nature,

As a guest of Honor to the Season Banquet.

September has the Artist Major:

Look at the colors on the canvas blanket.

The seasons come and go by through the years upon the Earth.

They are never late from their labor.

And if you missed September’s worth,

Come back next year to watch and see, good neighbour.


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MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Dragon Post

This is not my usual weekly blog but it may be of interest to poetry readers. I received a message on Facebook saying it might interest me as I write poetry too as well as books.

Learn English – British Council
Speaking of poetry, check these links for some great resources!

1) Booknotes is a fantastic tool from BBC. It has the full text of lots of great poems, with excellent, fully searchable notes. You can even add your own notes online and save them!

2) Approaching Poetry is a free course suitable for advanced learners, from The Open University. Learn about rhythm, alliteration, rhyme and more and compare and contrast famous poems.

Our websites have some great poems and language activities for you to practise too:

LearnEnglish Stories & Poems –
LearnEnglish Teens Stories & Poems UK –


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“This Is Us” – a poem

I Love Romance Blog

This Is Us

I can’t explain how we fit together so well,

skin against skin,

swaying to the rhythm of our hearts,

our bodies entwined.


I can’t explain the connection,

the link between our minds,

No matter our differences we still get each other.

I can’t explain the sense of completion as I look into your eyes,

the safety of being near you,

being held by you.


I can’t explain the strong passion that wasn’t there with others,

the race of my blood,


the urge within to be closer to you,

as close as possible.

I can’t explain how content I feel when you caress my cheek or kiss my forehead,


how right it feels to be at your side.

There is nothing like it in the world.

I can’t explain my racing heart or my lips that need to be kissed,

or even these eyes that crave the…

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