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Insightful Perspective

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A long journey we take when thrust upon us
A duty calls like Herb Albert’s trumpet
We might walk, ride a bus or even jet
However we do it we just get

Over the mountains we might see a herd Over the mountains we might see a herd

In the skies we watch flocks of bird In the skies we watch flocks of bird

There might be some pit falls or pothole

We could travel through a dust bowl We could travel through a dust bowl

Life is a box full of duties
Some warm our hearts, some gripe our booties
With tongue in cheek we take it all in
And at the trumpet’s blast we begin again

Just when we know all there is
A new gem out of the clutter has riz
Just when we think we are at the end of our rope
Tied at the end is a chain of hope

Many contemplate what it is to die
We all know not when or why
But the veteran traveler…

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She holds her dream in her hands

Jane Dougherty Writes


I dream of places deep and green

Where we could live our idyll

Where the air is full of birdsong

And trees grow tall in the silence

Of the bright sky’s rim.

I picture where we’ll sit, just you and I

In a stone flagged kitchen

Or a cosy den of polished boards

With a woodstove to heat our winter days

And windows open to the summer breeze.

You smile and tell me we already have

The only things that we will ever need.

The world outside our room can turn,

Suns follow moons and cats and city lights,

As long as you have your desk next to mine

And all you have to do is raise your head

And I am there.

I think that all I want is space to write my words

And watch the world outside flow gently by

In a graceful dance of red leaves…

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My Captain

The Boy Poet

my Captain

My Captain My Captain they said
As dead poets became undead
The man who first inspired my pen
To doodle verse just now and then
Now I write to honour that man
Who made me believe that I can
Shazbot! The legend is no more
All the laughter has gone before.
Just to listen to the man on stage
When humour came swiftly of age.
Another sonnet yes, it’s true
Not the first I’ve written to you
O Captain who showed me the way
My heart aches with sadness today

© JG Farmer 2014

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Haiku My Heart: Sun

Reading Pleasure

Done for Carpe Diem Haiku Shuukan prompt, Quetzalcoatl or the Sun god of the Incas. We have been given the choice to write about the Sun, the Inca or the Andes. I chose the Sun. Done also for Recuerda Mi Corazon.

golden rays shimmer

on swaying dew-kissed leaves

a blooming mirage


morning sun

peeks through cloudy sky

rays of hope


morning walk

suns glitters on my path

sprightly steps

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu 

I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom.

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Poesy plus Polemics

"Scarlet Tanager" Painting by Norma Wilson From “Scarlet Tanager”
Painting by Norma Wilson

we look at the world
but see very little
too much of existence
to hold in the eye
too crowded with details
to hold in one thought
human witness
is always impaired
our descriptions
inevitably flawed
less than whole
left with only some few
of remarkable things
who live past the moment
impressed upon memory

one tanager scarlet
amidst panoramic
green foliage
millions of leaves
in their infinite poses
and manifold shades
moved by breezes
unfelt in the act of
organic wave-particles
living their quantum
duality forested entities
fill up our vision
and yet it’s that
lone tuft of red
that momentous
frenetic red harbinger
preening its redness
the bird not the leaves
the red not the green
that will mark itself
onto the mind

we look at the world
observing its everything
flash through eternities
take in complexities
all of it…

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Neap Tide: Poetry – Paradise tears of golden joy

The World's Most Inspiring Blog - Morning Tide


Walking in the beautiful forest,

In the dazzling sunlight

Hearing the whispering of the wind,

In a place so wonderful,

In a place so quiet!

I smelled a flower

And sang a lovely song

Happiness was in the air,

It would last all day long!

All of a sudden I looked at the sky,

It was raining gold

Gold and gold,

Those a million hands would hold!

With joy bursting through my heart,

I was drenched in a few golden drops,

And never wanted the golden rain to stop!

For it is bathing me with joy,

The secret ecstasy, I should enjoy!

It is God’s grandeur that is now bidding – 

Paradise’s tears of golden joy!

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Summer in the Garden

The Well in the Garden

Wednesday 9th July 2014

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Summer in the Garden ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Hello everyone. I’m sorry I haven’t been a presence here in the garden recently. I have been very busy in my real world garden, creating a ‘Fairy Garden’ for my little girl so that she can enjoy the summer out there on her trampoline and bring her friends round to play swing-ball and have water fights – the usual things children want to do in the summer holidays. We now have a very pretty garden, that is absolutely blooming! It has 2 water features, one a very pretty little fairy fountain and we have 2 fantasy villages – a fairy village and a gnome village. Oh yes and the dragon area that has 2 dragon ornaments, a mummy dragon and a baby dragon hatching out of his egg. It is so relaxing to sit…

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