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When Death Triggers Death

Writing in a RainDrop

10390159_10202919303681061_1348889154615172089_nHello there, awesome blogging friends

It sure has been a while

Forgive my lack of reaching out

Life spun into a trial

A number of my friends saw loss

The ones I love still grieve

No words felt quite appropriate

So I chose to take a leave

It’s hard to write when pain is seen

In friends I’ve known for life

Words of joy and happiness

Conflict with tears and strife

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Poesy plus Polemics

"Woodland Walk" Painting by Niamh Slack From “Woodland Walk”
Painting by Niamh Slack

my sylvan soul
would lie in woodland
green touched gold
by fingered sun
here to watch the life
I left behind continue
in proud regal skin
of bear and moose
who amble in their
monarch paths to
sparkling streams
that run their cold
and clean fresh
course between the
footsteps of my
years I’d hear the
birdsong I once sang
find further voice
my legacy in chorus
with blonde swarms
of bees and zephyr
breezes slipping
through the leafy
hands of sturdy boughs
the hardy bones that
gave me posture in
my treeless youth
when learning how
to stand against
unkindness of the
urban world and dream
this time of sweet
escape to sleep upon
soft needled thatch
that beds these shady
trails where all my
never meets forever
close to creatures
feral in their peace
with God and nature
joined in…

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Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Photo via Photo via

Cool mountain breezes
caress the morning dew
that glistens on the grass
gently blowing in the wind

I am greeted by the kiss
of sunlight sweeping
across my face, of warmth
taking hold of my entirety

The quiet that embraces
the land surrounding me
broken only by the sound
of my own breath

©2014 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

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Poem – “My Forever Love”

New poem on my blog today!

I Love Romance Blog

My Forever Love

You always touch me with more than just your hands.


You touch me with words,

With your heart,

Your soul.

There are those quiet moments when we lay together,

Skin to skin.


And words are exchanged,

Quiet, loving words.

And I don’t always need to hear it to know how you feel.

I sense it in your presence,

In your care,

Your respect for me.

The way I know you’d fight my demons for me even if I never asked,

The way you look at me with love in your eyes.


I sense it in the way you listen as I talk about my day.

The way you never get angry with me even if I push,

You ground me when my moods are out of balance.

You center me.

Sometimes I can’t even imagine how I went on in this life without you,


Before we met,

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Turning Point

The Boy Poet

My heart in pain could not see the light
This path I must walk alone, I knew
The longest path where I must face fright
For living had nothing left for me
A silver blade glistened, silver bright
To shed the blood and release the fear
And tears I wept denied future sight
While I gazed upon the face of you
Seeking strength within to last the night.

I looked again and called out a name
And in the darkness I felt me burn
A soul imprisoned in torment’s flame
In that fire I felt him rise and leave
Discarding the past still wrapped in shame
No looking back to say a goodbye
His time had come, he must stake his claim
From this point of death I shall return
For he is me; we stand as one, the same.

Turning Point

© JG Farmer 2014

Prompt: Registered & Protected  W04Q-FOLV-DIWC-HHAN

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To the One Who Makes Me Smile

The Boy Poet

There is a place I want to take you to
a place no one else can be
no secrets held between
trust and understanding.
I want to hold you here
as you become a part of me
in that sensual fusion
when briefly
two become one.
It is that moment I will know
your desires,
your fears,
the very essence that pulses within you
and it is in that moment
you will see me
at my most vulnerable.

To the One Who Makes Me Smile

© JG Farmer 2014 Registered & Protected  OACM-H9QG-5B7Q-JVMB

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