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women-fashion-silhouettes_855051511_largeSociety says I should be a certain way,

A certain type in order to stay,

How I am and not to change,

As this attitude is all the rage,

Looking around a media obsessed,

Society that is totally fixed on being the best,

This technology is it meant to make us feel blessed,

As we put our bodies under more stress,

Polite old school manners scrapped as modern slang expressions take order,

No wonder most of us claim to have a disorder,

If society doesn’t accept me as yesterday,

Today nor tomorrow so my soul just weeps and has no hooray.


The Dubious Poet Collection


Curtains drawn as night unfolds.
The future whispers what it holds.
And yet with fabric over glass.
The outside world can seem to pass.

Jam the door that was ajar.
To make the mundane world seem far.
These walls, your castle and your keep.
A sanctuary in which to sleep.

But then a home is so much more.
That treasured world behind the door
Whether it be grand or small.
These island refuge’s serve us all.

A place to pace and plot and plan.
Where as humble thoughts our dreams began.
A case of calm and conscious care.
Which you will not find everywhere.

Through the walls the world still turns.
the candle of your sanctuary burns.
A waxy puddle in the light.
Evidence of sweet respite.
So off we charge into the bright.
The candle grows again by night.

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Love Stories!!

Somi's Intoxications!!



Some love stories to be bestowed

Some love stories to be betrayed

The one I go for

Is u in me?

 Ever n ever long

Things r manipulated

Stories r broken

I am yours’

That’s what destiny showing me the path

Created n bestowed

Manipulated then betrayed

But singing me song

I love u darling till the last breath of,

I breathe of course

Some love stories to be bestowed

Some love stories to   be betrayed

The one I go for

Is u in me?

Ever n ever long


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Sunlight and Moonlight

Regina Puckett

Sunlight and Moonlight

Sunlight and Moonlight
Regina Puckett

Between lingering and a hasty retreat
Sunlight and moonlight try so hard to meet
But every time a meeting place is made
Moonlight would come but sunlight would fade
So every day at dusk the moonlight chases the sun
But how will they ever meet if the sun continues to run?

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You may experience JOY

When your daughter tells you it’s a boy

Or feel ECSTATIC when you hear

You’re inheriting your uncle’s farm this year.

Or maybe you’ll REJOICE when told

Of your promotion. No, you’re not too old!

You may feel SAD inside

When you find your dog has died.

Or BAD to hear of that investment going wrong

And DISAPPOINTED when no one plays your favorite song

You see, emotion shapes our being

But nothing I can think of beats that feeling,

Than when your three year old grandson’s sticky hand

Slips into yours when you’re in the supermarket – Grand!

Now – that’s HAPPINESS!
  Image …and what on Earth is this?…and what on Earth is this?


A person or persons,

Should never forget their place….


Yes they do,

Children speak as if they are right,

Parents no longer able to keep discipline tight,

Always getting into a fight,

Being let out every night,

Even after last light.


Yes they do,

People not all are bad,

But some are preaching just a tad,

Acting like they own the streets like last nights drunken lad,

Thinking our system is a fad,

Trying to change the code of our lands,

Our morals pure and fair, isn’t it about time we make a stand.


Yes they do,

Our prided joy,

Of every round,

Around every inch of our counties towns,

Now empty filled with frowns,

Use to shine with passion and love like a crown,

The heart of a community funny joking clowns.


Yes they do,

As we  wouldn’t we feel so much oppression,

As the riches cleanse the cities of the working class for their latest possession,

Rights have become the latest obsession,

That helped sink us into this recession,

Ain’t it about time government gave a confession.