Lion King of the Savana

Cap'n Joe's Blog and Interviews with Pog's Poet

big lion

Look out down below

I’m climbing to the thrown

Right on top the shadows small

Peaks run deep don’t slip and fall

THT & I’ll be me

I see you steve

Forever in our dreams

I’m slow and deadly

All I see are mental veggie medleys

Peasents think my mind is empty

It’s like higgs bō-ˌsän

Everything but gone

I’m Mentally Clandestine

I can’t compress it

Add the pressure

Atoms severe

I’ll show you never

minds repetitive

Inventing rhetoric

Upending sediment

I’m so unstoppable

Photoshop un-cropable

I don’t mind my manners

Tearin up these stanzas

Lion King of the Savanna

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