Garden Bunny

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Little Bunny so nice to stop by

so glad you found time to spend

a visit with a new friend before the end

I know you will never cry

Springtime spawns flowers and showers

fills the forests with newborns

like bunnies that would never cower

or ponder death’s power

unlike shaking man’s quake

ignorant of other’s pain and fear

without a reason to be sincere

their time is not at stake

without the memory of the burn

man sees the smoke without concern

how else could he learn

his being without cerebral burn

to never feel the hide as it peel

or the innards when they churn

never used a lung that burned

of course ignorant of what is never learned

no spine pestered by many a knob

no piercing ache does his brain throb

no dreams that make him sob

no drowsy wake from sleep pain-rob

Garden Bunny

bunny so skittish, so quick…

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