Unreturned Love

Unreturned Love

There are some in this world, that love more than others; they open their hearts, in search of another.

Hope is the fuel, that feeds our fire; it burns with a passion, as it turns to desire.

The heart has a way, to show you its pain; as tears pour from your eyes, and cover like rain.

No release for the soul, for it to borrow; so it uses these words, so it doesn’t drowned on its sorrow.

We take all the pain, and torment and grief; but the person we’re with, steals our love like a thief.

Without even a kiss, or a thank you so much; they go on with their life, using our heart as a crutch.

Why do we stay, and take the abuse; so I won’t be alone, is my only excuse.

I want it so bad, with love to be treated; to see in their eyes, that my souls been completed.

We give them a life, and treat them so sweet; but we look in their face, and know that they cheat.

We don’t say a word, and push it down deep; because the truth of this knowledge, just makes us feel cheap.

We push and we struggle, and say it ok; we do what we can, just so they’ll stay.

We want a way out, as we ask for advice; but all that we hear, is you better think twice.

A promise you made, from the good book; you swore to the Lord, with the vows that you took.

What kind of person, would guilt you with God; one that couldn’t find the courage, so they live with a fraud.

A friend that I’ve found, understands what I say; she knows how it feels, with the price that we pay.

The ones that we’ve loved, have torn us apart; were afraid to keep trying, for what it’s done to our heart.

A love that I had, I thought was the one; she died from a beating, and since there’s been none.

The fear that I have, has crippled my soul; so I hide with my heart, in the depth of this hole.

I want to find love, and finally be free; to wash out my soul, of all this death and debris.

The problem I have, is starting over again; because the life that I’ve had, has worn me quite thin.

I want to be happy, but don’t know about trust; one more heartbreak, will turn me to dust.

All that I want, in the life I have left; is to find my true love, and finally feel blessed.

By Ron Lee    4/16/2014


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