Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Angel’s and Demon’s, are part of your soul; which will you chose, to pull from the hole?

One will protect, with all of its might; one will take flight, when you’re lost in the night.

One from above, one from below; One drags you down, one helps you grow.

Finding your way, in this Hell for a life; is a balancing act, as you straddle a knife.

You feel where you’ve been, you know where you are; but what’s in the future, beyond all the scars?

Life is a maze, that leaves you confused; it’s beaten you down, and your heart has been used.

Where was your Angel, when you needed her most; nowhere to be found, as she abandoned her post.

Your Demon was there, to comfort your soul; with thoughts of revenge, as pain took its toll.

It gave you a reason, to stay in the fight; while you were crying in silence, in the dark of the night.

Which would you choose, when you needed them most; darkness or light, to serve as your host?

Is the answer you have, one that you’d share; others wouldn’t get it, unless they’ve been there.

It’s easy to stay, when life’s going fine; to sit on your shoulder, and take credit and shine.

Where does she go, when darkness rolls in; when your soul catches fire, as you contemplate sin?

Her job isn’t done, because you’ve lost hope; she could stay in the fight, and help you to cope.

I wonder sometimes, which is the best; which is my savior, and which is the test.

Angels and Demons, are part of this suite; why must we choose, which makes us complete.

If we’re the sum of our parts, then why would we choose; each has a mission, with different views.

One for protection, to give us defense; one fights with a fury, to give us offense.

One comes from the dark, the other from light; but what does it matter, if you survive the fight.

Life is a balance, in order to live; sometimes you take, and sometimes you give.

A lesson in pain, to enjoy the light; you need both for a future, before your soul will take flight.

Angels and Demons, are what make us complete; both are the reason, we maintain a heartbeat.

By Ron Lee   4/2014


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