Magic carpet

Jane Dougherty Writes

We talked about the place we’d have
When we’d done away with children’s needs.
We’d clear away the things so dull, so void,
Essential once and now without a use.
Our arms, once spread so wide, so strong
To enfold so many loves
Will fold tight about the one with whom it all began
And let the others go to do some loving of their own.

We talked about the room so clean, so sparse
Filled with nothing but the dreams we share
Where the air would be so still, so calm
Our thoughts would be the loudest noise.
Beyond the window, green, so green
Reaching to the changing sky
We’d hear the whispering of the leaves
And in the evening the blackbird’s song.

We talked about the carpet that you bought
And how I feared to see the tide of clutter rise
To swell across the room so sparse…

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