Belted Dreams

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See me staring at the night with dipper eyes and

Constellations when the time seems right

I’ll be painting pictures as I write in

Dedications slept while shining bright

See me glaring at success

With Hesitation I have no breath

Words were spoken unfiltered from effect

My Meditation means I’m next.

See me keep it deep inside

And let it out branching fruitless finds

To burry a past from coffins they’ve kept alive

See me waiting for the day

See me praying for a way

See me speak with no eloquence

I said exactly what I meant

No tense

See survival torrential tormenting rain

Waters always have their pain

So I Murdered it in rage

I Never liked it anyways

This is me and my confession

Crying out but no ones listening

Maybe with a beat drawing out attention

Sorry that you see me preaching to people

See solely screams…

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