“Poets against Bullying”


For those of you who read my blog posts. You may have noticed last week I have been promoting “Poets against Bullying” Usually mu my posts are of an educational, informative, and business related. This post is dear to me due to my passion and love for ALL people and their well- being. Especially, when it means the welfare of children, when Ashley (facebook.com/writerashleyl, www.chargedisions.com) informed me of her movement to spread awareness, I was fired up to jump on board. I immediately started doing research on bullying in hopes to find signs of bullying and how to prevent bullying. Are adults bullied and what are the signs? I also wanted to locate the statistics of both situations.

Bullying is when a person or group repeatedly tries to harm someone who is weaker or who they think is weaker. Sometimes it involves direct attacks such as hitting, name calling…

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