Odyssey of Life


A Walk’s all I want,I’ll traipse,
I’m afraid.
Journies dont consternate me now.
Boulevards so huddled,aplomb’s gashed,
I keep wringing,why endure?
Futile it will be, had been sure.
I Dreamt,Zinged for a while.
I looked, I lived for a while
This afterglow just don’t suffice,
to drag me forward, To walk in caliginous
to walk will be a burden, to rest will be a sin.
no! i wont walk, i walk rest either!
I wont die, i’m not living either.
sometimes when i talk, sometimes when i lie,
Sometimes when i live , I’m begrudged to LIE
I’m not a lier, I’m an Introvert
I’m not a bad person, Only have a bad luck!
How can I justify?My each n every botch.
And I’m begrudged to lie !
I’m forced to walk.
And I traipse,
Never wanted to harbor,
Ever tried to?
Where is my harbour?
To where should…

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