Bastet’s Shadorma Photo Prompts

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

© g.s.koch © g.s. koch

Saturday (3)
flea market opened (5)
pseudo art (3)
old clothing (3)
something for everyone’s needs … (7)
maybe just more trash! (5)

Hello World!

I’m Bastet and I’m here to stimulate your muse, if I can!

I’m hosting the Shadorma prompts and I’m inviting you to take a whirl with this, new to me, form of poetry said to have been born in Spain which I consider to be a European form of haiku.

Of course, haiku is a very particular poetic form.  The Japanese tend to name their poetry not by the actual physical form, but by  content.  So, a senryu is a 5-7-5 “onji” (for us syllable count) form a poem that talks about the mundane aspects of the world…the haiku, depending on what school you’re following, either talks about nature or spiritual aspects of life.  The actual writing form  called a katauta…

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