Back to Reality



It’s a time for pain

It’s a time for change

It’s a time for bills

It’s a time to kill

It’s a time to discover

It’s a time to recover

It’s a time to die

It’s a time to cry

It’s a time for negativity

It’s a time to live and weep

It’s a time to get high

And feel like we can fly

It’s a time to sing

It’s a time to bring

Back to reality

Back to no peace

Stop and think

Pour yourself a drink

Live to hate

While it turns to bait

Now you yell

While your bitchass’ in Hell

We look up to the sky

As we say goodbye

In reality we are still bound in chains

Waiting for freedom reigns

Life is a bitch

No real love, everyone’s getting hitched

Smoking that Mary Jane

Craved attention, now you’re caught in a gang

Take a…

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