Words from Within

Words From Within

I pour out my soul, as I sit here and write; my heart bleeds out on paper, cocooned in the night.

I write about pain, and torment and strife; I let the words flow, as I live out my life.

The darkness inside, is a demon with claws; he is buried down deep, and surrounded by walls.

My memories it haunts, as it feeds on my soul; dragging me deeper, to the pit of this hole.

Forever I’m lost, with no way to be free; this tomb is my home, for eternity I see.

I breathe in the air, that’s stagnant and foul; trapped with the corpse’s, that rot in this bowel.

The screams that you hear, from the abyss of my core; are me searching in vain, from a place with no door.

The torment of life, is always kept fresh; it has chained me to death, as it rips off my flesh.

I’ve tried to escape, this place that I dwell; they keep bringing me back, for this internment in Hell.

Try as I may, to find my way out; I’m consumed by my fear, and surrounded by doubt.

The Devil himself, has welcomed me home; stripped me of will, in this fire to roam.

The defeat that I feel, is not a new one for me; it continues to boil, no matter my plea.

I fight and I struggle, cause I’m not ready to go; I ask myself why, but I really don’t know.

Darkness is said, to be the absence of light; which is easy to see, as I sit in the night.

If that is the case, as I sit on this slope; then the feeling of death, is the absence of hope.

By Ron Lee


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