The Answer by Ron Lee

The Answer
A love that you know, has left you behind; to deal with this world, that is so unkind.  No matter their age, at the time of demise; we hope and we pray, that they will arise.  We miss them so much, this isn’t fair; this pain that exists, is too much to bare.  I loved them so much, why did they have to leave; to say it’s God’s plan, is hard to believe.  I pray to the heavens, in search of the truth; Dear God take me away, and restore their youth.  I beg and I cry, to show me the way; how can I exist, without them each day.  I look for a sign, to set me at ease; I ask of you now, just give me this please.  Their future was bright, with all that is great; what right did you have, for their life you did take.  I look all around, and see life on the go; they’re oblivious to this, for them they didn’t know.  I silently sit, and hope it’s a dream; I realize it’s not, and I begin to scream.  Just as I start, I feel a sense of peace; a brush on my shoulder, makes it all cease.  A voice I did hear, as I sit in the night; “I’m your Angel now, and all is alright”.
By Ron Lee

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