The Door That Has No Nails

Please take a moment and read “The Door That Has No Nails”

Eternity is Worth The Fight

Casting out across the fields
Sweeping through the skies so blue
Seeing all of infinity
Noticing sweet you.
 Seeing you always hiding
 Escaping from the now,
Chasing all the storm clouds,
Pouncing all around.
Grasping at mortality
Skimming on the surface
Patience knows no boundaries
One day you will recognize the purpose.
Burning the Nail in abandon
No desire for a place
Gathering up evidence
Your existence is your fate.
Always watching knowingly,
Biding time within your fears.
Awaiting the recession,
Within your heart you know it’s near.
Granted, you possess no nails,
No connections with the earth,
Walk a path to eternity,
Find what’s worth your worth.
Even through your running,
You always trusted your heart to know,
One day you would return home –
And, yes, you had to go.
The heart is ridden from it knots,
Your soul is free to bare,
For all the running that…

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