“Vacating an Apartment” by Agha Shahid Ali

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Agha Shahid Ali Agha Shahid Ali

I spent the 2013 Christmas/New Year season catching up on some of my favorite magazines and review rags.  I came upon this piece on Agha Shahid Ali:  The Veiled Sweets: Agha Shahid Ali’s Surprising Use of Humor in The Quarterly Conversation.  I’ve been thinking of Shahid ever since.  Not that he is ever far from mine or my mother’s thoughts.  In our lives, there is a time before and a time after Shahid. I’ve struggled to pinpoint the precise moment when Shahid appeared in our lives; I can’t.  It’s like we looked up one day and there he was. He was gregarious, he mocked, he teased, he cared for people, he cooked. Shahid drew people to him. In the time after his early and untimely death, I’ve learnt things about Shahid’s grief that might have informed his zeal to so earnestly celebrate life.

It’s been a strange…

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