“Abuse No More”

Abuse no more
 The words you say, have broke my heart; you’ve hurt my soul and torn me apart.  Your sounds are cruel and meant to hurt; you’ve scarred my heart, beneath this shirt.  I’ve packed my things and left our home; in search of answers, but feel all alone.  You’ve knocked me down and made me fall; no more abuse, from you at all.  I try to sleep, to stop the tears; my minds a mess, has been for years.  I’ve been beat and I’ve been broke; you’ve spilled my blood, because I spoke.  You’re not my boss, you had no right; to treat me like you did that night.  You said I was, the one for you; this isn’t love, you have no clue.  I’m standing tall, as you can see; taking steps, to make me free.  My past is tattered and full of pain; my futures bright, with much to gain.  You took control, I took it back; never again, to get a whack.  A friend I’ve found, to hear my cries; they do not judge, or tell me lies.  I will be strong, I will be fine; to have a life and make it mine.  With this I say, to you goodbye; nevermore, to make me cry.  I’ll find a man, that treats me right; that keeps me close and holds me tight.  His eyes will shine, when our hands entangle; he’ll know right then, that I’m his Angel.  You’ll never know, what you have lost; I hope this life, was worth the cost.  I’m standing tall, as you can see; I’ll scream it loud, “THIS IS ME!!”
By Ron Lee  https://www.facebook.com/ronleewriter

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