Poesy plus Polemics

"Affinity" Painting by Ann Marie Bone At “Affinity”
Painting by Ann Marie Bone

(Subtitle: Exercise in Rhyming Couplets)

painters of canvas on olivewood frames
and chefs who create art from blue cooktop flames

thimbles of steel giving cover to thumbs
and hardhats to bear the collapse when it comes

jiggers of rye that go down nice and smooth
and capsules designed to sedate if not soothe

badges of brass giving symbol of shield
and scarecrows that dance over corn in the field

open pit barbecues hoisted with ribs
and nursery mobiles that hang over cribs

stiff collared shirts that present a neat form
and ambience crafted to set the mood warm

dainty materials bordered with lace
and galaxies wreathing the fringes of space

horsemen who rein-free hang onto the mane
and lame soldiers marching back home with a cane

temper that drives men to violent deeds
and words that can cut a man right where…

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